Not a Penny to My Name… A Milestone that Few Strive for

Robin Greenfield standing by the beach, tossing a ball up.
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Today I have achieved a milestone that few strive for.
For the first time in my life I do not have a single penny to my name. No cash, no bank account, no savings account, no stocks, no gold or silver, no retirement plan, no money owed to me by anyone, literally no money to my name. I have no reoccurring bills and no debts to others. I am penniless. I am moneyless. But I am not broke. I feel as whole today as I have ever felt. I am happy. I am healthy. I am full of purpose and passion. I love and am loved. I have good relationships. I am connected to my surroundings. I give to others more than I receive. I am dedicated to bettering the earth and humanity. I have a good life and I will continue to live a good life. Will I be completely penniless for long? Likely not, but I will never live a life that puts money over much deeper meanings in life.

My net worth is continuously updated here.

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