A Film Sharing My Life


Over the last months I have really gotten to know the couple in this photo with me. This is Auri Jackson and Shawheen Keyani, colleagues and now Dear Friends.

You might be wondering exactly what is going on in this photo…

Well that is Auri to the left and Shawheen to the right. In between them is me and around me is every single one of my material possessions. After multiple years of work to re-simplify my life, I have returned to the ultimate simplicity of everything I own fitting into a backpack.

In the Fall of 2023, the three of us teamed up to produce School Lunch, a film where I would immerse in our public school lunch program and educate on this topic by eating only school lunch for an entire month. We worked closely together in planning for months and I arrived in Los Angeles in March, where we expected to film in April. After multiple changes of plans with schools, the project and the film was placed on pause.

We were so excited to create this film together and we already had the support of Executive Producers Earth Conscious Life and Sarah Yeager, so we brainstormed numerous ideas. We settled upon a film about my life.

This photo was taken on June 17th on the final day of filming and provides a tiny peek into the film that lies ahead. What exactly this film will be is a mystery to all of us right now. And most certainly a mystery to me. I’ve watched a few clips here and there on the little screen of Shawheen’s camera and what I’ve seen is beautiful. This is a skilled team and I am confident with placing my message into their creative minds to bring to you. Although I have done hundred of videos with media and over a thousand interviews, there is nothing sharing my life quite like this.

It has been such a joy to work with Auri, Shawheen, Sebastiano Pestoni, Rob Herring, and Sarah Yeager. I know we are in the works of creating something that will positively shift the lives of many through sharing a window into my life in love with Earth, humanity and our plant and animal relatives.

We’ll share updates on the film when we have them for you!


Directed and Produced by Auri Jackson and Shawheen Keyani

Executive Produced by Earth Conscious Life and Sarah Yeager

Earth Conscious Life is the creator of the film The Need to GROW

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