Lupii Cafe- Zero Waste Cafe in Vancouver

Lupii Cafe- Zero Waste Cafe in Vancouver
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40% of all food in the USA and Canada is wasted, largely due to cosmetic standards and arbitrary dates. Lupii Cafe is Vancouver’s first zero-waste cafe where you can enjoy a delicious and affordable meal that’s environmentally and socially responsible.

They source “ugly” produce from local suppliers who share their values. The day’s leftovers are donated to those in need and each week extra produce is given away, making healthy meals accessible to everyone. But the zero waste doesn’t stop there… The entire space is free of disposables and was built using recycled materials. The handcrafted tables were once a gym floor! Lupii’s goal is to serve their community by providing a space to connect with neighbors. They increase their positive outreach by hosting free events, workshops, and fundraisers.
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To learn more, visit Lupii Cafe’s Website and follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

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