Looking for a Home for My Tiny Home!

Robin Greenfield standing behind his tiny house.
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Update: I have found a home and moved in on 01/29/2015. Here it is!
Looking for a home for my tiny homeI am looking for a backyard in San Diego for my tiny home! Particularly I am really looking for a place in Ocean Beach because it’s important for me to be close to my food source, People’s Co-op and I love this community.

Here’s the home!
I'm a tiny home owner and it's really really tiny
So let’s start off with what’s in it for you. My tiny home is really really tiny but for me it’s not about what’s in the tiny home, it’s about what’s outside of it. So wherever I set up the home I am going to make a lot of improvements. If you are interested in living more sustainably and self sufficiently then this could be a huge score for you. I’ll improve your place and you can learn about it all!
Some of the things I want to do at my new home:
-Organic gardening (I’ll grow you food)
-Fruit trees
-Raise bees (I’ll put in a bee box)
-Plant wildflowers (for the bees and the beauty)
-If you want I’ll even build a chicken coop and get chickens.
My TIny Home is in the News and I haven't even moved in yet 5
The idea is that I want to be of service and benefit to the person who gives a place for my tiny home and I. I want to make your life more enjoyable. Besides growing my own food I’ll be harvesting food from the neighborhood and will get you lots of fresh fruit, like oranges! And I can do small improvements and projects around the yard. I am a young, fit dude.
I am going to be living 100% off the grid so I will not need to use your home at all. I won’t even use the toilet, garbage can, or the internet so you can see as little or as much of me as you’d like really. I also don’t have a car, just my bike so I won’t take up parking.
To live off the grid my tiny home is going to have:
-Solar panels to generate my electricity
-Rainwater harvesting to collect water
-Compost toilet for doing my business
-Compost pile to turn food scraps into compost for organic gardening
My TIny Home is in the News and I haven't even moved in yet 4
You might be wondering if this is legal? Since it is on wheels it doesn’t have to comply with building codes so in that way it is fine. However you are not allowed to live in a vehicle, which this would be treated similar to, so it is not legal. So you’d have to want this enough to not mind breaking the law a little bit. A backyard with some privacy would be really ideal because of this.
A few other things you should know. I’d like to have people over to teach them about environmentally friendly living. I would never have loud parties or anything like that but small gatherings to eat home grown food and discuss bettering the world will be happening. Plus I expect to have journalists over fairly often to do stories about earth friendly living. I am typically around for about 6 months of the year, traveling for the other half, usually a couple months at a time. I am not looking to move the tiny home around even though it’s on a trailer. The idea is to find one spot to make home and settle in. I am also open to paying rent but I’d prefer to do this in the form of trade and keep the exchange of money out of the equation.
So if it interests you to host my tiny home in your backyard please get in touch with me. I am very flexible and open to ideas. You may have some questions or concerns and you are welcome to ask me any of them. I can be reached at
I hope that someone reading this will find this to a be mutually beneficial offer!
Health, Happiness, and Freedom to you all!
PS. This is me with my bicycle. I don’t do any drugs or drink, have not been in trouble with the law, and am an all around Do Gooder.
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