Let’s get money out of politics!

Robin Greenfield wearing a suit made from money.
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I’ve been working on the StampStampede campaign with Ben and Jerry (the ice cream guys) and we want your help!

It’s a really big deal that our politicians are being bought by corporations, but what we are doing is very simple. We stamp our money with messages to#GetMoneyOut of politics and then spend it as normal.

Want to be a part of the solution? I’ll make it real easy for you to get involved. I’m sending a free stamping station to the first 20 businesses that respond. It’s a great way to let your customers know that you care about this issue while giving them a way to take action right on the spot.

Learn more about the Stamping Stations here.
Stamp Stampede


Email info@robingreenfield.org to get your station.
Let these goofy, ice-cream-loving activists fill you in on what’s up with this short video:


Stamp every bill in your register if you’d like!
Stamp Stampede

Let your customers stamp their bills!
Stamp Stampede

Host a stamping party at your business!
Stamp Stampede

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