Robin Greenfield and Leah Song of Rising Appalachia in Asheville, NC

Robin Greenfield and Leah Song side by side, both holding microphones.
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Robin Greenfield and Leah Song of Rising Appalachia at The Hawk & Hawthorne summer 2021.

Our friends at The Nohm Co. organized an intimate gathering with friends and family with Robin and Leah Song. The evening provided meaningful conversation and awareness around food sovereignty.

The event raised funds for Soul & Soil Project to support their ongoing environmental advocacy and direct action building food security in the community. Spirits were nourished and rejuvenated with wild foods harvested by Ryan Milt of AVL Wild Food and homegrown produce from Soul & Soil’s permaculture farm.

In this video, Robin shares stories and insights from his year of growing and foraging 100% his food and how you can take power back from Big Ag and gain Food Freedom. Leah Song shares a beautiful song.

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In collaboration with Soul & Soil Project – The Nohm Project – The Hawk & Hawthorne

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