Robin Greenfield is Exploring Moving to Ithaca, New York!

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Update: I will not be making New York my base for 2021 or growing and foraging 100% of my food this year. I have decided I will be of best service to people and planet in the times that we are in by being mobile and able to go wherever I am most needed in the moment. I do hope to spend time in Ithaca in the near future and possibly make it my base in the years to come.


Hello Ithaca, New York!

I am exploring moving to the Ithaca area for my next project. For one year I am going to grow and forage 100% of my food to help and inspire people to start growing their own food and become a part of the local food movement. I will be helping people turn their lawns into gardens, planting community fruit trees, and volunteering with local nonprofits. I am incredibly excited to get involved with many of the great movements here and be of service.

I am looking for a person or community with some space where I could live for about 2 years (spring 2021- winter 2022), setting up my garden and building a tiny house, or living in existing structure. I am looking to create a mutually beneficial relationship- establishing gardens and growing food for the land owner, planting a fruit tree orchard, building infrastructure for sustainable living such as rainwater harvesting, composting, etc. and am open to exchanges that would be beneficial to the landowner and the earth. I would like to do a work exchange and create a truly beneficial relationship that is worth far more than paying rent financially. I am open to joining a community where I could be of service or setting up on an individual or family property that is already growing food but could benefit from my presence or who just wants to begin their journey and would learn a lot from me!

I am visiting Ithaca right now for the month of August to get to know the area, the community and visit locations. I am also looking for a location to stay for this month as I get to know the area.

If you are interested please contact me at and I can share my phone number with you via email.

Health and happiness to you all! I’m excited to meet many of you!

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I have done this in Orlando, Florida 2018-2019 and San Diego in 2015. Here is a video that shows my setup in Orlando:

While in Orlando I grew and foraged 100% of my food for a year. Here is the video I made summarizing the project and my webpage on the project. So many people asked me to do this project in a cold climate, that it inspired me to do so!


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