Humanity Before Politics

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Over the last few weeks I have seen a lot of comments of people telling me to “stay out of politics.”

In truth, nothing I’ve said or expressed has been about politics.

It has been about humans.

Humans existed before politics.

The wellbeing of others, the equality of my fellow humans, the replacement of unjust systems with systems of justice that represent all… This is all inherently human.

I don’t have a political party. I don’t have a label. But sure, there are some humans that I like that are politicians. First and foremost to me though, they are people who have something important to say and are doing needed work. They have chosen politics as their means to improve quality of life for others and to take down the broken system. These are the people, who may also be politicians, that I respect. If I refer to their work, it is referring to their humanism.

I will always put humans before politics. I will never make political moves at the expense of people.

What I express, are my true feelings. Some have commented that I am “virtue signaling”, The first time I saw that phrase I thought it meant I was showing virtue. I decided to look up the definition and realized that is not what it meant at all, but something of the contrary. I am so far removed from that way of being that I didn’t even understand the definition.

In my writing and sharing you will see real virtue, not virtue signaling. In politics there is a lot of this “virtue signaling”, but there are also many humans with real virtue. These are the people I respect and who I will introduce you to through social media and this website. (Nobody is perfect and I embrace this).

I stand with all who are taking action for equality and justice.

I stand with all fighting for equal rights, equal treatment and respect and dignity for all.

Our political and economical systems are systemically racist. These are broken and unjust systems. I stand by all working to shatter and rebuild these systems.

I just want to do my part to do well by humanity. And that’s what you’ll see from me, and from the many people that I highlight.

Caring for others is not political, it is simply being a good human.



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