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In Ardèche, France, there is a multicultural, eco-community called Grains and Sens consisting of four families living in community. They are guided by the vision that we can all live in harmony and share resources to lessen our burden on the planet. What started off as a single family unit has grown into an Earth-focused community compound with 14 people sharing the land and the buildings on the property. Responsibilities are shared to help reduce the cost, time and environmental burden on each person individually and allow them to pursue their passions. Each family has their own tiny living space so they get privacy.

Each family is responsible for cooking once a week and all participate in a shared community budget. Resources are shared between families as well as with the regular visitors to the community. Additionally, all the community members share in the garden work as well as participate in childcare responsibilities which provides the kids a unique chance to have many positive adult role models that provide ample support and love. The spirit of cooperation doesn’t end with the community members either; at Grain & Sens, they host volunteers and share their experience and sense of community with others through workshops, classes and other opportunities.  Their mission is to be a space where people can come to learn about living in community, experience it first hand and ultimately to heal society through healthy community.

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This article was written by Sydney Lindquist.

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