Robin Greenfield and a woman, sitting amidst wasted food.
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May 30th – September 2016

Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia,

West Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and New York

We believe that every US American citizen not only deserves, but CAN eat a healthy, nutritious, and delicious diet. But we are aware that for many US Americans there are barriers that stand in the way of this. 50 million US Americans are food insecure. 23 million US Americans live in food deserts. More than 45 million US Americans receive financial assistance for food. Enough food is wasted to approximately feed another entire US American population. A third of all US Americans are obese. Nearly 10% of US American have diabetes. Food corporations, lobbyists, and advertising misguide US Americans who are trying to eat healthy, while putting profit over their customers’ health. Lastly, there is a plethora of social barriers for millions of US Americans.

We believe that these barriers can be overcome, and The FOOD FOR ALL! Tour is here to help people overcome these barriers to be eating and being healthy. We are here to empower people to make healthy choices, and gain food independence from corporations that don’t serve their best interest or health. This summer we are traveling the USA, creating educational and inspirational tools and resources to empower people to make positive changes in their life. We’re not out to preach, lecture, or convince though. Millions of people yearn to be healthier and happier and know that the answer is in their food. This is what our movement is about, empowering people, who deep down or on the surface, know they want to improve their life through food. We will be doing this through days of action, workshops, public speaking, and activism campaigns. As well as creating simple online tool and how-to guides.

The key issues we will be focusing on are:

Accessibility and Cost. We’ll be immersing ourselves in a food desert in the neighborhood of Bankhead in Atlanta, Georgia. For the month we will have a food budget of about $200, the amount a couple living there receives in SNAP (formerly known as food stamps). That means we will each have about $3 per day to spend on food. (Note: Figures subject to change after doing more research on nationwide food assistance amounts). During this time we will create tools to help others overcome the barriers that stand in the way of eating healthy in food deserts. We will be creating a 30 day meal plan, shopping list, recipes, how-to guides to help US Americans who live in food deserts around the country. Cost and accessibility are two of the many factors challenging people in food deserts so we will also be interviewing and sharing stories of individuals and organizations that are overcoming the barriers of living in a food desert. During the summer we will also be creating meal plans and pricing information that compare the cost of shopping at big box marts in both urban around rural areas, health food stores, and farmers markets around the country.

Healthy Cooking. Many people are intimidated by cooking and this keeps them out of the kitchen. To help with this we will be showing just how simple and easy it can be to cook healthy and delicious food. We’ll be doing this in kitchens across the country and will show that a stove, pot, pan, knife, cutting board, blender, and a few standard utensils and dishes are all that are needed. We’ll create a resource guide of simple, healthy recipes, how-to videos and blogs, and meal plans. There is a common illusion that many foods such as bread, peanut butter, ice cream, nut milks, and hummus, are difficult to make and need to be made by companies. We’ll show how to easily make all of these things in homes across the USA! Plus we’ll teach how to ferment and preserve foods including saurkraut, ginger beer, sourdough bread, pickles, fruit scrap vinegar.

Growing Your Own. Ron Finley says, “Growing your own food is like printing your own money.” We couldn’t agree more and we believe growing food is far more accessible and easy than many people think. From the walls of urban apartment buildings to suburban backyards to nursing home windowsills to city boulevards, we’ll be demonstrating just how fun and easy it can be to grow your own food and herbs. We’ll give how-to’s on making raised bed gardens and herb gardens made mostly out of stuff you can find for free that is going to waste. We’ll also be making simple compost bins and rainwater harvesting units to accompany the gardens. Where space is an issue we’ll give creative ideas on how to use other space such as Freestyle Gardening, neighborhood garden shares, and community gardens. Oh and we can’t forget about the fruit trees we’ll be planting!

Food Waste.
1 in 7 US Americans are food insecure yet we waste enough food in our country to feed every single one of them five times over. Much of the food being wasted is delicious and nutritious food that is still perfectly good. For many people the solution to affordable and healthy food can be sourcing food that would have otherwise gone to waste. Through Food Waste Fiasco’s and other demonstrations, we’ll show just how much good food is going to waste to the public and the media. And by taking people out dumpster diving we’ll create guides on how you can fill your entire pantry and fridge with perfectly good food and eat better than ever before, for free. If growing your own food is like printing your own money than dumpster diving is like finding treasure chests full of cash.

The following is our rough schedule for this summer. We are very open to ideas and collaborations. We want to be of service to those who’d like to get involved. We are available for public speaking, workshops, and days of action! Please Contact us if you want us to come to your town and collaborate on an event. No town is too big or small for us to visit and we are hoping to hear from you!
May 26th – May 31st Miami, Florida

  • May 30th Food Waste Fiasco- Miami, FL. The kickoff event for the FOOD FOR ALL! Tour will be a massive display of wasted food. See The Food Waste Fiasco: You Have to See it to Believe it to see previous food waste displays. All of the food will come from grocery store dumpsters. At a time when 1 in 7 US Americans are food insecure, this demonstration will show that there is absolutely no shortage of food in our country and that with team work we can solve hunger nationwide. Join the Facebook event: The US American Food Waste Fiasco.

June 4th – Speaking in St. Augustine, Florida at public library
June 5th – June 8th Gainesville, Florida area. Plans TBA

  • 06/06 Speaking at Quaker Meeting House See the Facebook event here

June 9th – June 11th Orlando, Florida

  • 06/11 A Guide to Simple, Sustainable, and Healthy Living at East End Market from 6-8 PM
    See the Facebook event here

June 12th – June 18th Florida Panhandle, Coastal Alabama and Mississippi
June 19th – June 24rd New Orleans

June 25th – July 8th Mississippi and Alabama
  • Smiths Station, AL

July 8th – August 6th Atlanta, Georgia Healthy Eating on $4/Day project

  • 07/16 Turning a lawn into a garden together! 
  • 07/30 Concrete Jungle’s Biggest Baddest Blueberry Pick
  • 08/07 Freestyle Gardening and Urban Gardening Workshop

August 8th – 10th Athens, GA

  • 08/08- 101 Sanford Dr. Athens, GA The Food Waste Fiasco with The Campus Kitchen at UGA

August 14th – September 3rd North Carolina

  • 08/14 Wilmington, North Carolina- Food packaging litter art display with Plastic Ocean Project Meet at 6pm in at Johnnie Mercer’s Pier at Wrightsville Beach See the Facebook event here
  • 08/15 Presentation at UNCW See the Facebook event here 7 PM Dobo Hall Room 134
  • 08/17 Raleigh/ Cary, North Carolina- 6:00 PM at Whole Foods Market Cary
  • 08/22 Raleigh/ Cary, North Carolina- Food Waste Fiasco Facebook event here
  • 08/23 – 08/30 Asheville, North Carolina- Growing food with Food is Free Project
  • 08/28 Freestyle Gardening event and potluck in Asheville, North Carolina. Facebook event here
  • 08/27 Preparation for Freestyle Gardening at Food is Free’s house. Facebook event here

September 4th – 10th Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey

  • 09/02 Richmond, Virginia at The Earth Folk Collective

September 11th – October 21st New York

  • Plans TBA

Who we are:

Robin Greenfield
Over the last decade, Robin has transformed himself from a clueless consumer to a real food dude. He’s dedicated much of his time to reducing food waste and hunger in the USA and created The Food Waste Fiasco as a tool to raise awareness and bring attention to the solutions to food waste. He supports many programs that get healthy food to people around the USA as well as educate people on how to grow their own food. He’s also permaculture design certified and the creator of The Freestyle Gardening Movement. Watch his TEDx talk, How to End The Food Waste Fiasco.

Cheryl Davies
Cheryl is a licensed Acupuncturist and practices health through massage therapy and medicine. She adopted a holistic lifestyle after drastically improving her health by making healthy diet changes. She’s also dedicating her time to helping those in need.

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