First 24 Hours on the Streets

Robin Greenfield on the Streets

I made it through the first 24 hours. It hasn’t been easy but I am well and happy.

I’m not used to carrying a backpack full of stuff, but I need to if I want to sleep through the cold nights. Last night was one of the longest nights ever. I was in my sleeping bag for 13 hours and I slept for a good amount of that time, but I was also awake dozens of times fighting off the cold.

50 degrees doesn’t seem that bad but I guess it is just half my body temp. At one point in the night, I thought it was nearly morning and it turned out to only be 12:30. I almost gave up.

Today I ate bread from a subway dumpster and some perfectly good bananas and tangerines I found in the alley. I walked about 12 miles, spent some time at the beach, and just made it to the library which will be closing in a bit.

It was a nice day. I didn’t talk to many people and I am adjusting to the idea of staying on the streets. At first I was trying to be someone other than myself to fit in, but I realized that I can only be me and since then the experience has been more enjoyable.

I am downtown now and it will be a much different experience from the valley I slept in last night. I am a little worried but I think there is no need to be. I have a warmer sleeping bag now and some long underwear. Tomorrow I plan to be more social and continue to enjoy the simple life with no money.



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