Falling Fruit – The Map that Helps You Find Free Food Growing!

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The map that helps you find free food growing in your neighborhood!
Falling Fruit helps you to find the food that is…

Posted by Robin Greenfield on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Food is growing all around us!

But how do you know where to find it?

There’s an app to help you find food growing free right outside your door! On the street, in a neighbor’s yard, in public parks…Wild food is fresh and free for the picking!

Falling Fruit is a website and app that connects people around the world so anybody can be a forager! You’ll be amazed at how much wild food you can find. The community has already mapped 3,000 different types of edibles at over 1.4 million locations worldwide! Public fruit trees, edible plants, mushrooms and more. There are so many delicious treats you probably walk past every day!

The urban harvest is truly a wonder and Falling Fruit helps you connect with nature right here on our city streets. Plus if you have an abundant fruit tree in your own yard or come across nature’s bounty that you want to share you can add to the database so others can find it!
Learn more about Falling Fruit and download the app: WebsiteFacebook pageInstagram Page – Twitter

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