A Fall Update from My Homeland

Robin Greenfield sitting barefoot on a log by the lake, with the sky in the background.

The water of Lake Superior courses through my veins.
I was born on this lake and it has embedded its essence into every strand of my DNA.

When I am not here, I yearn for this land and this water, sometimes for months on end. When I return and am just inland from the shores, I still yearn deeply to be immersed numerous times each day in the cold, clear waters of this lake.

After a summer in the Asheville, North Carolina region in the outdoor shelter I have made home for two summers now, I followed the deep calling to make the journey north for the fall season. I have been here for close to two months.

Fall has fully arrived and although there has yet to be a frost, the night temperatures are now in the 30’s and 40’s and the days are in the 50’s. I am still barefoot almost every day. If my feet are cold I put on a pair of wool socks and sometimes a second pair. I have worn shoes only a handful of times, and as I do not own shoes myself, they have been borrowed. I am aiming to make a warm pair of shoes from materials from the land.
The water temperature is a brisk 55 degrees and I bathe in these waters a few times each week. Cold water is one of my most powerful medicines.

I intend to stay in my homeland into the winter, perhaps until December or January. I have been staying with a friend on the edge of my hometown of Ashland, and I am now seeking a cabin where I can spend the next few months largely in solitude.

I came to my homeland because it is a place where I can find peace and quiet. It is a place where I can focus deeply on my service, while maintaining and deepening my connection to Earth. My main focus is writing. I have about 40 articles to write, many of which I’ve wanted to write for over five years. Many of these writings are resources to help others on their journeys of liberation from oppressive, exploitative systems, and many are deep dives into my strategies and philosophies in life. I am also writing my Food Freedom Book, which I intend to release in early 2024. I’m working diligently to bring all my service into a high state of integrity, creating my life vision and updating much of the content that I have published over the last decade.

I am also on an exciting journey of transitioning to all homemade, natural fiber, naturally dyed clothing.

I am planning my activism campaigns for 2024 and hope to leave my homeland having caught up on much of my work and having set the foundation for an impactful year of service ahead. I am striving to live in a state of mindfulness and presence and am focused deeply on finishing everything I have on my plate so that I can move forward in a higher state of being.

I will write a few more updates in the weeks ahead.


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