Meet Dumpster Dan!

45 Meet Dumpster Dan!
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Meet “Dumpster Dan.” He has rescued $35,000 worth of food from grocery store dumpsters.
Recently he did the “Dumpster Diet Challenge” eating only food from grocery store dumpsters for a week. He puts on displays of food waste at his university and gives presentations to his fellow students. This is all to raise awareness about food waste and hunger, making a positive impact on his community and the environment.

Dan donates most of the food he rescues to people in need. All the non-food items he finds are sold and 100% of the money is also donated to help people in need. The school supplies he finds are donated to local elementary schools. Grocery stores throw away billions of dollars worth of food each year while 1 in 7 US Americans are food insecure; even though they are protected from liability by The Good Samaritan Food Donation Act and no grocery store has ever been sued after donating to a nonprofit.

Be like “Dumpster Dan” and tell grocery stores to #donatenotdump

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