The Do Good Tour

Do Good Tour

Robin Greenfield is on a mission to create a healthier, happier, and sustainable world for all people. From all his adventures, he’s learned that in order to have a healthy world, all humans must also be healthy. Therefore he’s dedicated a good share of his days to make that happen!

Do-Good Tour:

On the Do-Good tour, Robin cycled through California spreading goodness everywhere he went. Throughout the 650-mile tour, he could be found planting fruits and vegetables, picking up trash, volunteering at non-profits, and doing any other ‘good deeds’ he could get himself into.

Of course throughout the entire adventure he was also sharing his passion of spreading environmental awareness to inspire others to adopt healthy lifestyles and do good deeds of their own. Robin also took on personal challenges, such as creating near-zero trash, eating locally and healthy food, composting food waste, conserving water and electricity, and riding his bike every day.

During the Do-Good Tour, Robin also worked on a campaign with Ben and Jerry (of Ben & Jerry’s) to #GetMoneyOut of politics. While this adventurer isn’t fanatical about politics, he does believe that all money in politics is clouding many leader’s minds and making it hard for them to keep their sights on what is important – like health, the natural environment, and education.

Robin also hosted stamping parties throughout California where dollar bills were stamped with phrases like “Not to be used for bribing politicians” in order to spread the message and get US Americans activated.

More information about this campaign can be found here.