You can DESTROY the Earth

You can DESTROY the Earth
Just 600 years ago it would take about 1,000 days to circumnavigate the world and you would most likely die trying. Today most people with a plastic credit card can fly around the entire world in a comfortable seat in just over 2 days. We’ve grown from 1 billion in population in the early 1800’s, just 200 years ago, to over 7 billion today.
The planet is nowhere near as large of a place as we once thought it to be. What once seemed infinite is now clearly finite. We have left the earth in spaceships and seen the world to be nothing but a “pale blue dot” simply from another vantage point. This is almost universally accepted knowledge whether it is consciously or unconsciously accepted.
Even having realized how tiny the earth actually is, many of us still think that the earth is too big for us to change through our actions as a race. But the earth just isn’t that big. We KNOW this. We can now piss our way around the entire planet with a beer in our hand and a mind-numbing movie to distract us from the slightest inconvenience of a shaky seat. In 2 days!
We CAN destroy this tiny little haven of a planet that we call home and in doing so destroy the human race and everything we love. We have become that powerful. We kill off about 10,000 species per year, have fished out about 50% of all the fish in the oceans, and have destroyed over 80% of the earth’s natural forests. And we are not slowing down. We, the human race, have done all of this in a fraction of a fraction of a percentage of the time that the earth has existed.
It’s time to put our knowledge into action and prioritize the survival of this earth as we know it. We are killing ourselves with all of our blind daily actions. Our future, our race, and the millions of species that we share this planet with are depending on YOU to be the change that we need. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?
I’m here to help you be the change you wish to see. I’ve changed my life so that you can change your life too. I’ve learned that living for the greater good of our earth as a whole, rather than just myself, is actually not a sacrifice, rather it has brought passion, purpose, and deeper meaning to my life.
I’ve dedicated my life to this task and have become a wealth of knowledge of what YOU can do to make the word a better place and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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