What is My Heart’s Deepest Desire?

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At the end one of my recent talks I was asked a question that nobody has ever asked before. It was a simple question.
“What is your heart’s deepest desire.”
I am rarely caught off guard by a question. I rarely have to say that I can’t give an answer right now. But this question was one that I didn’t have an instant answer to. Luckily, I was speaking again the next night, so I simply requested that he ask me again and that I would be certain to have an answer.
I had twenty-four hours to contemplate my heart’s deepest desire.
But it only took me three minutes…

Now, if you know me, you might think that my deepest desire would be something grand. Perhaps an end to food waste and a world where everyone has enough to eat. Perhaps the beginning of the Earth’s regeneration. Perhaps balance and a sense of peace for all people and species. Perhaps a world without war and a society where understanding each other and helping one another is at the basis of our thoughts and actions.
Those may logically be my deepest desires. Those may be efforts that I spend much of my time contributing towards. But they are not my heart’s deepest desire, nor anything quite like that.

To be loved. That is my heart’s deepest desire. To be loved and to give love.
It really is that simple. It’s that basic.
That’s what drives me. That’s what makes me who I am.
The flow of love.

Much of that love that I desire is what has been romanticized in culture’s around the world. The way that many of us think of love. For me that is the love of a woman, who I give the best of myself to, who I yearn from deep within to please, who makes me the best version of me, who makes the entire world around me cease to exist while I’m in her presence. That is one form, and a very important form of love for me.
But my love goes much deeper than that.
The love I desire is also a universal love. I desire to have a love for all humans. I desire to have a love for all species. I desire to love this very Earth that we reside on. I desire to give love unconditionally. I desire to be love.

I do believe that much of what I see, is simply a reflection of myself. I have chosen to radiate love as best as I can. I think part of that is because I want to receive love. I am trying to be the change that I wish to see in the world. That change that I wish to see is love.

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