Craig Calfee Genius Bamboo Bicycle Builder

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Meet Craig Calfee, the genius bamboo bicycle builder. Craig was the first modern bamboo bicycle builder, starting in the 1990’s. Every bamboo bike is made by hand by him and his staff, and every single one is unique. From racing and off-road bikes to double-decker-tall bikes to heavy duty frames that can carry loads of over 400 pounds! And electric bikes that go over 30 mph with pedal assist.

He teaches people in Africa to build their own bikes with locally grown bamboo, an inexpensive and sustainable building material. The bikes help with transportation and to start their own businesses. All sales of Craig’s bamboo bikes fund his work in Africa. He’s even made an affordable DIY kit so you can build your own!
To learn more about Craig’s bikes, visit his Website, check out his DIY kits, and follow him on Facebook.

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