Chris Scott’s Brilliant I-Wood Tiny Houses

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This is Chris Scott, a humble man with a big plan. In 1975, Chris brought the first Ikea to North America. Now he’s taken the Ikea idea to tiny houses! To house the houseless and provide affordable housing options. With his genius I-Wood design, he’s created a system that allows people with minimal building experience to build simple tiny houses, in as little as one day! His I-Wood fits together, sort of like Lego’s or Ikea furniture, making it easy to assemble and extremely stable and strong. The kits include instructions on how to build the tiny house.

The wood is pre-cut and minimal tools are needed. Plus, his I-Wood design uses 30% less wood, meaning fewer trees chopped down. They stack efficiently, so 30% more wood can fit into a truck, meaning huge savings on fossil fuels. Over half a million US Americans are homeless and millions of US Americans are struggling just to pay rent. Share if you think all humans have a right to a roof over their head. —- I-Wood International, aka Treecycling, has developed a super sustainable way of milling lumber that could save up to a third of the trees used for housing. Ideal for shipping as flat-pack tiny home kits anyone can assemble themselves, along the lines of Ikea furniture. A licensing association is being developed for people and organizations around the world to produce these types of kits with small portable or industrial-size machines.
For more details, visit his Website and sign up for their newsletter on the contact page there. If you are interested in bringing these tiny homes to your community, contact Chris Scott on Gmail.

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