Caring for our earth is not a hippy thing, it’s a human thing.

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The idea that it is a “hippy” thing to outwardly care for our earth is far outdated. We live in a time when people from all walks of life are waking up to the destruction that our simple everyday actions are causing.

No matter who you are or where you are, you can adapt little changes to start treating our planet, people, and animals with respect.

You’re probably not going to jump from your ship of life and dive right into pure living but you can adapt little changes each week and slowly submerge into a more healthy lifestyle. Now is the time to take action by leading by example with your simple daily actions.

1. Aim to eat primarily whole, local, unpackaged, organic foods and avoid processed, industrial, plastic wrapped, pesticide sprayed food. Eat an abundance of nutritiously dense foods including plenty of fruits and veggies. See my guide here.

2. Start riding a bike, walking, and using public transportation. Stop driving.

3. Go local. Eat local, shop local, play local.

4. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. In that order. Recycling comes last! Trash sucks, don’t make it!

5. Share! Share your stuff and share others’ stuff.

6. Buy less stuff and purchase used stuff when you can.

7. Conserve water and electricity. Just be conscious of your usage. There are 100’s of ways to cut back.

8. Don’t use one-time-use anythings (bags, take out containers, bottled water, straws, napkins, etc.)

9. Simplify. The less you need, the easier it is to be friendly to our earth.

10. Live beyond yourself. How do your actions affect other humans, animals, and the earth? Make your decisions based on the well-being of everyone and everything, not just you.

Not that long ago I lived by the social norm in many ways. I didn’t really follow my gut but it was more important for me to look good to my peers than to do good for the earth and humanity. I changed all that taking the same steps I listed above.

For a more detailed list of changes that I’ve made to live for the benefit of the earth, my community, and myself read From Drunk Dude to Dude Making a Difference.

Please share this for a happier, healthier earth. Let’s do this together!

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