I am a mere blink on the face of Mother Earth

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I’m not telling you what to think about yourself. This is a reminder for myself and you have the option to contemplate this.

I am a mere blink on the face of Mother Earth. I am not that important.

I am one person among 7 billion currently living. Each one of us is the center of our own universe. Over 100 billion humans have lived and they all have died. They all lived for a mere blink on the face of our earth. No matter how big of a deal they were they still died and so will I. Doesn’t matter whether my face is on a billboard, whether millions tune into me on TV, whether I make the world smile around me, or if I’m the president of the United States.

On an earth that is 4.5 billion years old the human race has only inhabited it like a tiny freckle on my back inhabits my body. Actually just a fraction of the tiniest freckle on my back.

The human species is just one among around 10 million species. We matter equally to these species.

Our galaxy has over 300 billion stars in it alone. Our sun is only one of them.

The Milky Way galaxy is one among over 100 billion galaxies.

I am just not that important. But just because I am not that important, doesn’t mean I don’t matter. I do matter. My actions matter. My words matter. Because you matter and so does everything and everyone that has ever lived, currently lives, or will ever live.

And it matters if I am nice to my fellow inhabitants of the earth or if I create anguish for them. I don’t know why we’re here but I see no reason to be mean to each other or to cause destruction. I care whether I make you frown or smile. I care whether I pollute the air and water. I care whether I destroy the natural homes of our fellow species.

So I’m going to keep remembering that I am not that important in the grand scheme.

But it matters what I do to others.

It matters what I say to others.

It all matters no matter how big or small my actions.

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