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What will happen to your body when you die? Will it be embalmed and pumped full of chemicals? Sit in a casket separate from the earth indefinitely? In a cemetery where the space could be used to support life instead of just death? This is the current model in the USA, and it’s running out of space. But there are alternatives if this doesn’t sound right to you.

Imagine if you could bring life to Earth from your death, and a tree could grow from your remains. This bio-degradable urn is designed to turn you into a tree when you die. Your ashes are placed inside like a standard urn, but the Bios Urn contains a seed and the growth medium for a tree and is fully biodegradable, to be planted in the ground. Imagine if instead of cemeteries of death we had forests full of life… Why not leave the world a greener, more sustainable place after we’re gone? Share this video if you think that we need to rethink death!
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