Auctioning My Bamboo Bike to Buy Bikes for Kids

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UPDATE 05/17/19:

The bikes were purchased and given to some very happy children.
I worked with the Audubon Park School, just a few blocks from my home, and they found five students who had their bikes stolen recently and who’s parents weren’t able to get them a new one. The kids were so excited to receive their new bikes! The auction raised $700 and the cost of the five bikes was $728.37. A local nonprofit covered bike locks and helmets for the kids. That brings the total bike count up to 55.
I think it is safe to say that the bad deed that was done to me has been driven out by good deeds!
Thank you everyone for your support!

UPDATE 08/18/2018:
The bamboo bike auction is over and the bike has found a new home.
Tonia Howick won the bike for $700, all of which will be used to buy bikes for kids living in low-income scenarios.

Tonia teaches rhetoric at UF in Gainesville and has wanted to start commuting by bike for quite some time. She read my book this year and was inspired to get a bamboo bike. She wanted to purchase a used bike because she tries to buy used and not purchase new, but she was unable to find one. Then my auction popped up in her newsfeed! Today she came down from Gainesville to pick it up and she even brought me a lovely gift of homemade blueberry jam and a hand-knit dish cloth.

I’m so excited for this bike to go to her because this is going to help her start a new chapter of riding her bike to work.

The goodness of the bike will live on. I should be able to get bikes for about seven kids with these funds. And with the funds raised when this bike was stolen and returned, that will bring the total up to about 57 bikes for kids!

Talk about a bike that keeps on giving!

I am auctioning my bamboo bicycle and 100% of the proceeds will be used to buy bikes for children in Orlando who live in low income scenarios!

This is the bike that I cycled across the USA in 2014 on the Goodfluence Tour, doing good deeds across the USA. This is also the bike that was stolen in 2017, that I tracked down, hugged the person who stole it and used the opportunity to start a fundraiser to give bikes to kids in San Diego. The fundraiser raised enough funds to give away 50 bikes!

So, this bike has a lot of very good energy and vibes in it. I’ve ridden about 5,000 miles on it and it’s served me well. Now it’s time for its service to continue by turning it into more bikes for kids, and to continue its life with someone else.

The frame itself is a Calfee, $1,000 purchased new, and with the components being new it’s a $2,000-$3,000 bike. That said it has gone through a lot and the frame has had some small cracks, but it is still a solid bike. I would recommend it as a great around town bike, but I don’t think it has another cross-country ride in it. If you are interested in details, you can email Place your bid by emailing

The bid starts at $300. Bid includes shipping and I will have the bike tuned up and ready to ride before sending! I’ll send a signed copy of my book as well. Auction ends 08/17. I hope this will raise a lot of funds to buy bikes for kids.

Details on the bike:
It is a Calfee Design. Craig Calfee was one of the first to create bicycles out of bamboo and is one of the pioneer and greatest bicycle builders of our time. You an learn more about Calfee bamboo bikes here.
This is a 56-58 cm frame that is ideal for someone of 5’9″ – 6′ height. I am about 5’10” and it was the right fit for me.


Auction closed
Winning bid $700 by Tonia Howick on FB
$300 by @EamesYates on Instagram
$400 by Stephanie Jacobs Bordner on FB
$400 by @pauldub76 on Instagram
$450 by @sonynoboloney on Instagram
$500 by Yohann Berger on FB
$500 by Stephanie Jacobs Bordner on FB
$500 by @pauldub76 on Instagram
$550 Stephanie Jacobs Bordner on FB
$600 by Emilie Gelaude on FB
$700 by Tonia Howick on FB

Health and happiness to you all!
Photo by Live Wonderful Photography

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