The Off the Grid, Zero Waste, and Profitable Permaculture Farm (video)

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Check out this farm! They are completely off the grid, grow about 70% of their own food, send absolutely no trash off their land, and they grow over 200 edible and useful plants on their farm! Plus, they have chickens for eggs and meat, pigs and goats. They practice permaculture principles and are truly working with the land, rather than against it. You can walk around this farm for hours, always coming upon new naturally growing things to eat, or make healing teas from.

This farm takes everything I did at my off the grid tiny house to the whole next level. It truly is incredible! Shad and Atitlan Organics are very passionate about spreading the word about permaculture. They offer Permaculture Design Certificate Courses, intro to Permaculture courses and also accept volunteers. I spent the last month down here, and it’s been a truly mind opening experience. I am so much more equipped to live an earth friendly life and to help others now as well. I highly recommend coming down here. They are located in Tzunana, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

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