11 Tips to Live Happier, Healthier and Greener in the New Year!

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To create the world you wish to be a part of you must start from within.

Leading by example is a very simple and effective means to influence your peers and community. Here are some simple ways to gain happiness and health for yourself while living a life that is beneficial to the earth and your community as well.

Less is More 

Reduce clutter from your life and donate or sell unneeded items to people who can use them. Craigslist.com is a great resource to make a little money and put your items in a new home. My rule of thumb is if I haven’t used it in a year it is probably not worth having around. And if I use it only on a rare occasion it’s probably a resource that could be used better elsewhere. 

The less money you need, the less you have to work, and the more time you have to do what you want, whether it be spending time with family and friends, exercising, learning, or sitting on the couch and watching Youtube. 

Be Nice and Give back

It feels good to do good. You can start small and work your way up. If you continue to do good things for others it will become a habit and you’ll find yourself spreading goodness as second nature. 

Be Grateful

We have so much to be grateful for in the United States. What are you grateful for? Today, I am grateful for running water, electricity, healthy food, my comfortable apartment, and fresh air. Focus on enjoying and appreciating what you have rather than what you think you want. You’ve likely got everything you need to be happy and healthy. 

Take Time to Think About Your Dreams

Ask yourself what you really want out of life and take some time to answer the question. Set priorities based on your true desires. Once you know what you want write it down. Then, act on it.

Change your Perspective and Change your World

Life is merely a matter of perspective. You get to choose whether a situation is “positive” or “negative.” With your attitude, you choose whether today will be “good” or “bad.” 

Embrace the Sharing Economy

Share with your friends, your family, your community, and strangers. The more you share, the more people will share with you. And the more you share the less you need. The web is a valuable source of sharing sites that offer lodging, transportation, food, sporting equipment and more!

Make Exercise a Normal Part of Life

Exercise in the manner we treat it today is a recent creation. In the past it was much more common to get exercise by carrying out daily tasks. It is still possible to do this. Bike to work, to school, to your friend’s house, or to the store.

Walk while you talk on the phone or do business meetings. Drive less and bike or walk more. It might take an extra 15 minutes to get where you are going but those are valuable minutes where you can connect with your community and your body. 

Eat Healthy

Aim to eat primarily whole, local, unpackaged, organic foods and avoid processed, industrial, plastic-wrapped, pesticide-sprayed food. Eat an abundance of nutritiously dense foods including plenty of fruits and veggies. See my guide here. When you eat healthy it is so much easier to maintain your weight and health. 

Live Simple and Live Free 

Simplify, simplify, simplify. Less money, less stuff, and less choices often means more health, more happiness, and more freedom. The less you need the easier it is to be friendly to our earth. 

Be a positive Consumer

When you make decisions, take into account where things come from and how they were produced. If you don’t know, then find out. Make your decisions based on the well-being of all humans, animals, and the earth. Your decisions will be much easier by supporting businesses that truly care.

Be Conscious

Think. Ask Questions. Seek knowledge. Take control of your mind and you will take control of your life. 
Here’s to a new year of health, happiness, and earth friendly living!

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